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Recovery Update features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter.

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Recovery Update features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter.

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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRA/F) have partnered with Meaningful Measurement, Inc. (MM) to revitalize the organization and breathe new life into the recovery workforce.
The priorities for the grant funding, which has not yet been distributed, come just a few days after the Biden administration announced the two programs on Friday. "The Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic brought on challenges for children and youth that impacted their overall emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing and their ability to fully engage in learning," the department said in the proposal.
The Boulder County District Attorney's Office has secured funding to expand its mental health diversion program. In 2018, Boulder County, Colorado, became one of four pilot sites in Colorado to implement a mental health diversion program, which allows people who are arrested to get screened for mental health programs instead of entering the criminal justice system.
Gov. Tony Evers announced Wednesday his administration will allocate roughly $14 million in federal funding to mental health services in collaboration with the state Department of Health Services. The funding will include a grant of more than $9 million to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater intended to expand the mental health care workforce and awarding $5 million to bolster youth psychiatric services.
To Ryan and Nina Day, mental health is personal. Three years ago, the Ohio State football coach and his wife established The Christina and Ryan Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness through Nationwide Children's Hospital. That includes the "On Our Sleeves" initiative to fight the stigma about discussing mental health.
Planned strikers include psychologists, therapists, chemical dependency counselors and social workers who say they're stretched too thin and unable to provide adequate care to patients with mental health conditions. Despite increased demand for those services amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaiser staffs about one full-time equivalent mental health clinician for every 2,600 members in Northern California, according to the union.
For seven years, Timothy Jay Fowler rotated between jail, forced psychiatric hospitalization, and freedom. In 2014, the Great Falls, Montana, man was charged with assaulting two detention officers while he was in jail, accused of theft.
Anyone who takes a quick trip to Twitter and finds Azurá Stevens' handle will be connected to a page of enlightenment. The relationship she has established with her followers is not rooted solely in her uplifting messages. Stevens has connected so well with people because her 280 Twitter characters display honesty and vulnerability.
Bill Linton is on a mission. He believes psychedelics could revolutionize the treatment of mental illness — from depression and addiction to PTSD — and he’s working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to get approval for psychoactive compounds to be used therapeutically. And he has the resources, the ambition and the scientific know-how to help make that happen.
Barbershops are central hubs for Black communities: a safe haven where people can embrace their community, discuss societal change, economic problems, share ideas and confide in others. The unique position of barbers is why The Confess Project, which seeks to encourage dialogue about the mental and emotional health of Black men, trains barbers across the South and Midwest to become mental health advocates.
With the advent of rapid whole genome sequencing, children presenting with an intellectual disability or developmental delay are recommended to have their DNA sequenced to identify the underlying genetic cause. Researchers have now published the results of an analysis of data from almost 2,800 young people with rare genomic variants — changes to their DNA — that are associated with intellectual disability.
Transgender children show an increased susceptibility to mental health problems and suicidality compared to cisgender children, according to research published in JAMA Network Open. Previous research suggests that transgender children experience concerning levels of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.
Despite the best efforts of clinicians and researchers for decades, we still do not fully know why some people develop mental disorders and others do not. However, changes in the brain are very likely our best clues to future mental health outcomes. The adolescent brain is particularly important in this pursuit as changes during this period are rapid and dynamic, sculpting our individual uniqueness.